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Rules of Engagement The Institution would like to encourage our employees, members at all levels, and the wider public to engage in our online media facilities. The Institution recognises that the use of online media such as discussion forums and social networking sites can be informative in relation to professional areas and developing working relationships. We have therefore set out some simple rules of engagement to help you.Openness and transparency It is important to be open and transparent in order to build up trust with your audience. When you use online media you should clearly identify yourself using your real name and, if relevant, state your association with the Institution. If you are producing content on behalf of the Institution you must not remain anonymous. You should always check facts before publishing content online and not mislead your audience in anyway.First person Speak in first person and be yourself. Using an approachable tone and conveying your own personality can really help to encourage interaction between you and the audience.Judgement Remember that there are consequences to what you publish. There may be times where you feel something has been misrepresented. If you need to correct the content of another user please do so with respect and keep to the facts. If you feel even remotely uncomfortable with something you are about to publish try to identify why or seek advice.Public domain Be mindful of the fact that any content that you publish will be in the public domain and in some cases will remain public for a long time. You are personally responsible for any content that you publish. Be aware that your content may provoke a response and be open to the opinions of others.Corrections If you publish content which you later recognise as inaccurate or someone informs you that it is inaccurate, be honest about your mistake and correct it as soon as possible. Always include a correction statement to prevent the audience from thinking you have attempted to ‘cover up’ a mistake.Representing the Institution Use a disclaimer which explains that content is your personal opinion and does not represent the views of Institution. For example: ‘the postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the Institution’s position’. Do not use Institution logos or trademarks without approval. You are welcome to contact the Institution to review information you would like to publish or ask to use our branding if you think it would benefit your content.Protect confidentiality Protect yourself and the confidentiality of others and the Institution. While you should be identifiable you must protect your privacy and personal details. You should have consideration for the privacy of others and not disclose personal information about another user. Never discuss Institution business performance – this includes: discussing future business plans, unannounced strategies and financial analysis. If you are unsure of a particular subject you should review what you are about to publish or seek advice.Protect clients, partners and suppliers You must not cite or reference your clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. If you have permission to discuss matters relating to a client, partner or supplier you must not reveal confidential information. It is acceptable to discuss general details of a project if you protect anonymity and ensure you do not violate any non-disclosure agreements. You can disguise a partner’s identity for example by saying ‘Partner 001’.Respect Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in the work place. Avoid inflammatory subject areas – such as politics and religion.